Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Bali Cocktails!

Well, one of the reasons I wanted to go on holidays was to drink heaps of cocktails by the pool! I can report that Bali is perfect for cocktails!

First up, here's the normal beer, Bintang:

Beer is a kind of cocktail! Now here's some more local stuff, The Arak Attack:

It tastes like tequila and lemon, but Arak is some kind of locally made spirit and makes you 'shudder' (or in my case, wudder!) because it's quite acidic, and apparently if you drink too many of these Arak Attacks, you'll become a different person. I've had too many bad tequilas in my time, so I just drank this one cocktail.

These two darkly lit cocktails were at Ku De Ta, and there was a storm rumbling outside, so it got pretty dark inside. I had the above Raspberry and Lemongrass Martini - delish!

And this one above was a rum based cocktail, there was a whole lime, frozen with holes in it, and it sat in the rum. You poured coke over it, which melted the little lime ball, and the lime flavour then seeped into the drink!

And our fave, the simple Bintang beer! Very refreshing after long walks around the shopping streets.

It's been so quiet at my day job/work at the moment, I'm tied up at the computer with stuff on my plate, but everyone's gone on holidays! There's only a couple of us in the office! Since I went to Bali last week, I'll just take the public holidays as my holiday time break this year. Are you getting some holiday time in the next few weeks?



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