Monday, 27 December 2010

Christmas Day Dress

Happy holidays to you guys! Hope the weekend was fun and you got to spend some time with your besties and loved ones. Finally I've got some photos of a party dress in full to show you! I wore it to work on Wednesday, with a red cardigan, as it's been cold in Melbs! I also wore it on Christmas Day, because I had no time to finish my green leafy dress.

The material is cotton drill, and my friend gave it to me, so not sure (and she can't remember!) where it comes from. The pattern in a dorky early 90s one, that I've used in different ways over the years (a dress for the Music Awards, for my friend etc) and it has a really great description of lining the bodice (instead of using underlining or bias tape, and for a tight fit it keeps the shape great.

I didn't pay any attention to where the back bits were in the layout of the pattern and am super happy with how the white swirl seems to meet at the back zipper, on my bum! I love it when magic happens in making a dress!

What have you got planned for today? It's still a holiday for us, but Husbie is going it to work. My friend's little baby is turning 1 today, so hopefully I'll get Husbie around 2pm, and we'll go to her party after that. I've finished up a little jacket (photos for you tomorrow) to give to her today, my first crochet jacket!

Thank you for reading my little chit chats through the year, I adore your comments and your blogs as well. Isn't it fun making stuff and writing and showing stuff to a group of fun like minded people! Hooray!

Best, Veronica Darling


  1. that is an adorable dress! I love the fabric. Great choice by your friend.

  2. Great fabric, spider webs and birds should be seen more often on dress fabric, I reckon! And I adore your poses! You have such style!
    Wow, tights; you must be having much nicer weather than us, 40C today, with an overnight low of 23C. Phew! I'm a puddle...

  3. Fabulous dress! I also can't believe you're in tights on Christmas day - it was 30 degrees at my family's house!

  4. Super-cool. That swirl matches perfectly!

  5. Oooo it's Echino fabric. I love this print, I made a couple of purses from it in a fab pea green. You look fab, it it very summery and festive.


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