Monday, 13 December 2010

The cutest chocolates!

As I mentioned yesterday, Husbie and I went to Bali for our holiday. It wasn't a destination I'd choose straight away, but Husbie's friends were going and they organised some fantastic accommodation (a cute Villa!) and it was seriously the easiest holiday to prepare for. But of course airline companies have terrible hospitality, planes need maintenance and connecting flights don't match up, so the to-ing and fro-ing to Bali was pretty bad with some major delays.

But, as I am a self confessed PosiTina Turner (did you get that there? Positive like Tina Turner as opposed to a NegaTori Amos) I thought I'd share with you the little things that made our holiday fabulous! You'll be spared all the tourist shots, although a nice cocktail might pop up every now and again!

It all started when Husbie and I went to Highpoint Shopping Centre to buy our luggage... we spotted the most magical of all chocolate shops!

Chocolate now looks nicer to eat than ever, and they kinda look like toys! 

I seriously don't go shopping that much, hey?!

Hope your week has started off ok! xoxo


  1. how was Bali missy?i hope you enjoyed it!:)

  2. yum! I've read that 80% of australians have been to bali, do you know if that's true?


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