Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Glimpses of my party dresses!

This time of year it's always parties, events and things to do, and being back in Melbourne is no different to Sydney life. I mentioned to you yesterday that I've been sewing up a storm with any spare time I've had, making party dresses!

For some reason, even though I am ARMED with my gorgeous camera at every event, now that *I* am taking the photos, I rarely get photos *of* myself. I'll have to start taking a photo before I leave the house (and not rushing out the door putting lippy on in the car like above!)!!! This dress (that you totally can't see properly, sorry) is what I'm also wearing to work today, it's made of awesome material and it was for a Christmas house party last Friday night. I took a quick photo in the car to see if my lipstick was ok!

This photo (above) shows another vintage pattern from Amanda in Adelaide, who has kindly lent me some of her stash to make up. The material is a bedsheet, the zipper is thrifted, and I thought this could be my Christmas Day dress (the Red slimmer skirt/shorter sleever version) but I have to resize the pattern since it's a 36, and I'm still trying to work that out.

Sewing a half an hour here and there is hard for concentrating on big things like drafting patterns. HMPF!

And here's a purple dress I made over a week for a work function, based on the pattern below that came up quite nice, and I'll show you the full details soon. WHEN I get a full photo of it!

See you soon!


  1. i wish i was as efficient as you!!! i have been making 1 dress for the past 3 weeks. and it's not finished yet...

  2. Well the top part of your dresses look really cute, I would love to see the whole dress! Party dresses are such fun.
    That leafy fabric is totally beautiful... Good luck with resizing that pattern!


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