Saturday, 25 December 2010

Happy Day!

Happy Holiday Day to you Darling Hearts!

I've never made this tinier kinda bunting before!


Tiny tiny bunting! Made from leftovers from this dress, and this dress, and overlocked together! Such a time saver!

Husbie says Happy Christmas!

And because we're having a day of darling foods, all small share plates, we had to write up our menu!

There's plenty more there, but thought you'd like to see the "rest and champagne" section!

Best, Veronica Darling xoxo


  1. Happy Holiday Day to you too, gorgeous lorgeous! I'm guessing you had a great day, what with that lovely bunting and the *rest and champagne*.

    Here's to a fabo 2011! xx

  2. That tiny bunting is an adorable idea!! Such a cute way to use up those little scraps... I'm borrowing this one for next year... thanks for the wonderful inspiration!

    Merry Christmas Veronica, wishing you a wonderful day! Stay cool...

  3. Happy Holiday Day to you and your darling family! I hope you had a fantastic day. That bunting is just too precious.


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