Wednesday, 29 December 2010

My first baby crochet garment

I've made some crochet toys and some accessory 'things' but I have never made a crochet garment for a baby to wear before, until now!

Do you like it? It's around the 1 year anniversary of my learning to crochet (I started learning it just before Christmas last year), and I'm pretty pleased with myself. My friend's babe just turned 1 on Monday, so I gave it to her! I love that's it's short sleeved and kinda kimono style!

AND, I'm going to explain how I made this, and show you all the other ideas I've learnt along the way. It's a little hard at first (where do you stick the hook? How do you do all this with just one stick? Why do I have to count all the time at the start? What's with the instructions? Why is UK and the US different, and what should I learn if I live in Australia?) and once you work out those hard bits, it's freaking easy and you can do MORE TV WATCHING because this becomes automatic after a while! Yep! Auto pilot on the old crochet! It's seriously a multitaskers dream!

Here are the little itty buttons as I didn't really wanna do ribbons or whatever, so I improvised with the crocheted button loops as well!

The pattern is on Ravelry, for FREE, via this darling person, who has an amazing story as to how this cardi came about. If you are serious about learning crochet (or knitting FYI) you should get on Ravelry, it's free, and there's usually shitloads of free patterns there. I am a total beginner in crochet, and not really a good knitter (I can purl that's about it, but when I concentrate I can do other patterns), and there's heaps of really great easy projects you can just look at and study.

Here's the back:

Ok, friends: if you'd like to start crochet, but don't know how (and I know some of you have spoken up in the past), please let me know what you want to know, and I'll explain how I learnt it, and pointing out the various online tools that helped me learn. Guys! It's not that hard once you get over the hard bit!

Personally, I don't think I even followed the cardigan's instructions right, and still it's a freaking cool baby jacket! It's almost like you can't stuff up crochet! (I have stuffed up crochet, but you just unravel it, and then NO ONE knows!)

Anyways, I'm no expert but I'm a happy go lucky amateur, who is really friendly, so if you have any crochet questions (and they can be dumb, don't worry, I've muddled a year's worth of WTF moments) let me know and I'll see if I can solve it for you!

P.S. The bike stains from yesterday are all gone now: Preen and a little nappysan in the wash, and my big skirt dress is as good as new! I'll heed your advice fellow bikers, sitting on skirt and mud flap thingies sounds good!


  1. YES PLEASE!!! i used to knit, but holy shite, does that go slow... i would love to learn to crochet granny squares an those little flower shaped bits, if that makes sense...

    there is just no way you're an amateur, that sweater looks freaking fab.

    happy your dress is new again!

  2. Yay! Because I'm just picking up crocheting. I made a flower so far. Got some books from the library and I had to learn from making a lot of mistakes. Now I'm working on some ruffles to put on the sides of a scarf. I'd love to hear about whatever knowledge you've acquired in the past year.

  3. I really really want to know how to crochet a granny square blanket. I have been wanting to do that for ages. I don't know if that is the easiest way to start learning but they just look so cool!

  4. Extremely cute!
    I love that it's in non-traditionally baby colours!

  5. Very cute (and accurate too.) Never tried but looks like fun.

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  8. Sorry for the late comment. This is so cute! I am glad you liked the pattern!

  9. Hi..the shirt looks cool! what size is it? I am trying to work the same pattern but am having issues at the armhole. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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