Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Red dress with Red Hearts

A few weeks back I had to do a 'talk' at a conference, it was a fairly relaxed affair but I didn't have anything to wear (of course, a seamstress like myself never has ANYthing to wear), so quickly found some left over red floppy material and made this red dress in an HOUR!

I pretty much copied this pink stripey dress (that I refashioned to fit me) by lying each piece (front top, back top and skirt x2) onto the fabric, cutting an extra inch all around and then making some bias binding for the neck and arm holes. It's totally a large babydoll style, but somehow the way I made it up (oh so professionally) it dips lower at the back, so the front skirt is up over my knees but the back bit hangs around the back of my knees. It has a nice loose casual effect.

And just PERFECT for Bali! These beautiful heart lights are in the front garden of Ku De Ta, a very posh bar/restaurant in Seminyak.

More holiday shots coming to you this week! Apols for all these summer photos to you Northerners, it was 28 to 32 degrees Celsius in Bali, so very humid and hot!



  1. Made in an hour?! That's just awesome!
    I adore the first photo with the red hearts in the background, it looks just so bright and beautiful!

  2. Very cute - love the red hearts in the background too!

  3. what a cute dress. and it even matches the surroundings!!! jealous of your warm weather though... :-)


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