Sunday, 12 December 2010


Yay! Happy December to you! I have returned from one of the isles of Indonesia: Bali!

Husbie and I are very relaxed and sunkissed, and it's weird not using the internetz for over a week! My day to day life is so usually connected to web stuff, so it's exciting using my laptop again! Hee hee!

Can't wait to whip around and see what you are all up to, but I've got heaps of darling photos and creations to share with you over the next week! (Yes, I did a *bit* of crochet on holz, and I have a few dresses to show you too) Together with my parents, we all decided to have Christmas at our place in Melbs, so I'm super keen to get a few handmade decorations up and around the house. Christmas for us is kinda usually low key, and I suspect that's going to be case again this year, so I might work out some sustainable decoration options for us!

Talk soon, Veronica Darling


  1. It's...ALIVE! Welcome back. Glad you had such a lovely time away. What a treat. Looking forward to your updates.

  2. Glad you had a great holiday! Here is a link to something that I found super easy to make and would great as christmas decorations.
    Hope you have fun decorating for the holidays :)

  3. welcome back. glad to hear you had a good holiday and I can't wait to see what you crocheted over your break.


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