Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Riding in big skirts

I was going to post about my baby crochet cardi today (that I made for my friend's baby!), but my Husbie got some awesome snaps and I just had to show you right away!

We rode into the city, watched 'Megamind' then did a little camera shopping (Husbie's fave, post Christmas) and I am totally amazed at how HAPPY I look!!!!

It took about half an hour of slow riding, so if we get fitter and better at it, it'll take no time at all!

BUT, a drama... Riding in big skirts without a mud flap or basket at the back means a dirty/greasy smear has appear on the edge of my dress (it's the one I made for Octoberfest, if you can recall) and I feel pretty bad, because I don't really care at all. I feel more bad that I'm like: "Oh well, it was an easy dress to make... I can chop the hem to make it shorter."

No Fear. That's what my helmet says, and darlings, I have no fear for stains.

As for my Christmas day dress, I should have made it a little more clear, I had to wear the stockings on the Wednesday prior to Christmas, but on Christmas day I was ok without the tights. It was kinda cold though for us in Melbs... a not really hot at all cloudy day. It's starting to look hot though, and after riding today in the glorious blue sky and sunshine, it now FINALLY feels like summer.

Yay! xoxo


  1. Corey and I are planning on buying bikes when we get back from Europe in April. I can't wait to be able to go for rides around town. It will be so much fun!

  2. You should sit on your skirt! I've ridden in them lots and never stained them :) Trick is, like I said, to sit on them. You have to get on by swinging your leg over then sitting back. You can't do the fancy start-biking-then-swing-leg-over bit.

  3. or get the bike fenders, then nothing gets splashed up your back!

  4. O dear, such a pretty dress, I'm sad if it has bitten the dust...
    But I get what you mean about not caring. Sometimes I'm secretly relieved if even a favourite is ruined, as it means a perfect excuse to sew something new and even more fabulous, guilt-free.

  5. i used to commute on a bike all the time and had the same problem with dresses. i'll use that as the reason i stopped riding...not laziness, of course ;)

    cute dress!!!

  6. I am more than just a little jealous that you were able to wear that adorable dress on Christmas while I was hunkered down in chunky sweater layers. It looks great on you. - Katy


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