Thursday, 16 December 2010

What I was doing this time last week

Sorry to be all 'Bali Bali Bali' this week, but I have to gush about where I was sitting just last week...

At this amazing, on the beach, type bar! Don't you love all the colours of the chairs and furniture? It's all miss matched and bright! That's how I'm making my crochet blankets at the moment, as many colours, all left over wool too.

We've totally settled back into Melbs after our holiday, the washing's all done, the 9 to 5 working day is well worn and it feels forever since we were in our swimmers drinking all those cocktails.

This weekend I've got a Christmas Party and a wedding, so am whizzing something up to wear for the Christmas Party now. I think I've got my outfit already for the wedding, but it's so festive at the moment, and fun! Might be in overdrive in the sewing room though!

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  1. Please, keep up the gushing!! I'm leaving Melb for Jogjakarta, Indo, the Monday after Christmas! After this set back (, your lovely holiday is getting me excited again!


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