Monday, 17 January 2011

Back from the country!

Thank you so much for your lovely comments about my first dress for the Sew Weekly challenge! I was so excited to read through them all, and I felt very spesh indeed! And thank you for putting up with my spelling mistakes courtesy of my 'smart phone', as I had to load the photos quickly on Friday morning, and then write about them in the car down to the country.

I can't remember if I posted this baby blanket, but it's one I finished before Christmas, while watching The Sopranos. It's made up entirely of scraps from my wool basket/suitcase!

I also thought (for you non-crochetters) this really shows you how the granny square is done, when it's multicoloured like this... So pick that yellow fat yarn/wool there, it's more of a square than a triangle, cause it's such fat wool. But see the purple and green straight after it, and how they sit like a triangle? That's made up of three little stitches, and I call them half double stitch... or maybe I can them treble stitch. I can't remember, cause it's different in different countries. I'm really bad at explaining things... I'll have to work on this sometime this year!

But I guess what I'm pointing out is that you keep one colour, and go all the way around the edge of the square... you do three little stitches together, then you do one single stitch, etc until you reach the corner then you do three little babes together in the corner, do two single stitches, then another 3 little babes in the same corner stitch. All the way around. Yep. Bad at explaining.

This is another blanket for the gift box, and we're hoping to see all these new baby friends soon, so we can give these presents away!

Also: The Sew Weekly challenge this week, is a film theme: Unrequited Love... I'm going to choose a film made in the late 1990s, but set in the 1970s! I'll blog my progress again this week when I can... is that ok? I'm adoring sewing a theme each week, with the darling Sew Weekly community! Whilst we (Debi, Sarah & Adey, and Mena of course) are the contributors, you are also invited to sew along when you have the time! I saw some darling Chanel photos on Mena's blog, as part of the flickr group... so if you have time to look at a 'Unrequited Love' movie this week, sew away with us!

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  1. I didn't understand a word you said about the crocheting. But then again, I can't crochet (yet), so please don't think that there's something wrong with your explanation. It's all me ;-)

    The blanket is beautiful. I love the bright colours!


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