Sunday, 2 January 2011

Best of 2010 - My handmade year

Happy New Year!

I adore these couple of days in the year and love lists and resolutions people talk about on their blogs! My 2010 was six months of busy: living in Sydney, working with a new team on the radio, then moving to Melbourne with more busy radio stuffs. As for sewing, I made heaps of things, but thought I'd just show you a collection of some of my happy days from 2010!

A day in January when everything seemed to be working out! I just flicked through some of my blog posts, and this day was so good at work and at home! YAY! I have since lived in this dress on weekends, as it's been the closest thing to a tracksuit! And that's my old house in Sydney!

Another fun day was when I finished this yellow dress, but it was bucketing down (oh Sydney, you are such a funny old city!):

After a few days of wearing this one, it's kinda stretched out as the fabric is old tablecloth. I've got it on the 'fixer upper' pile of things, as it's still really lovely, just really big now around the shoulders. I think I'm going to take the collar off too, as it flips up all the time.

And now a couple of 'great' moments:

I made a pair of underpants! They were tricky, but I'm really happy with them, but unfortunately I haven't had a chance to make another pair!

I also made my first granny square! Wow, I almost died when I finished it! I'm hunting up the book that taught me the best way to make it, so I can show you too. But it's been a very good 2010 on public transport now that I know how to crochet!

And then in September I had a go at wearing clothes that I've made for each day of the month:

It was Self Stitched September, made up by So Zo! And totally so much fun to do. I'm not a good clothes scheduler though, so next time I might be a little more prepared as I kept on going 'WHAT'S CLEAN?' every morning.

But my favourite best thing of 2010 was becoming better at taking photographs:

Mostly this has meant I've taken WAY too many photos of the coffees I've drunk (yay for Melbs coffees BTW) and food I've eaten! (I'm sure they think I'm a food critic in Yarraville and Seddon!) My new camera has certainly helped (Lumix GF1 btw) and I'll hope that I use it a LOT more this year!

Yay! So thank YOU for being a lovely friend and reader of my blog and crafty adventures! If you've been around for a while, thank you so much too! Isn't it fun blogging along together!? If you're just here for the holidays, I found this other fun post (Random Things) that I posted last year, and it made me laugh... so you could consider it a bit of an introduction!

Hope you're having a safe and enjoyable New Year so far, and wishing you all the best for the year ahead! xoxo


  1. Happy New Year to your and the Darling Family! I hope 2011 is just as fabulous as 2010. Can't wait to see what sewing adventures you get up to this year.

  2. Happy New Year! Great to hear you're enjoying Melbourne. I take far too many photos of my coffees and breakfasts too. My Facebook is littered with Hipstamatic pics (damn I love that app) - I'm sure my friends are all tired of it LOL.

    And I only just found your blog so yay for more Melbourne girls who sew :-)

  3. Happy New Year Veronica Darling.
    I love your blog - I always skip to your posts when they appear as they always make me smile. Am glad you are so happy in Melbs and wish you all the best for 2011.
    One request - sneak as many "photography practising pictures" of doggy darling in that you want!

  4. Happy New Year!! I love your yellow frock - and the photos of you in it - you look so sunny and gorgeous. Keep your blogging coming - you always make me smile!!

  5. yay veronica darling, HAPPY NEW YEAR! i always grin when your blog hits the top of my sidebar!

  6. Happy new year! Lets make a point of actually meeting up one day for a coffee. We live so close to each other yet never see each other! :)

  7. Happy New Year Veronica! I hope your 2011 is even more wonderful than 2010!
    I remember that yellow frock from when I saw it on Wardrobe Refashion, So stunning, and with those shoes. I'm in shoe love...

  8. these are all so inspiring! All your pieces are very creative and unique

  9. that yellow dress is amazing!! I would love to make something like that. You look fabulous!

  10. Drooling over the yellow dress and the matching shoes - way to go!!

  11. So excited to see what you get up to in 2011! You are amazing! xxx


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