Sunday, 30 January 2011


Husbie and I had our fourth wedding anniversary this week, and have created a bit of a mini festival (as we tend to draw out celebrations over a few weeks!) by going out to the movies on Thursday (True Grit - was very sad, but good), going out for tea on Friday (The European & Siglo) and riding our bikes all through Brunswick yesterday!

I've also been sewing and making things and forgetting to take photos (We rode our bikes to our friend's engagement drinks yesterday with handmade cushion covers in tow!) but I'll be able to show you some Sew Weekly updates soon!

Today, the festival of the wedding anniversary continues with a music festival, that we'll absolutely melt at. It's going to be 40 degrees Celsius (I just googled to see Fahrenheit for youse guys, it's 104 degrees) and dry and sticky. But the other great news this week, is that my brother & fiance are pregs, so we'll have our *first* next generation of my family this year! Their wedding is planned for May, so we'll go to Queensland to visit them, and THEN they're hoping to move to Melbourne by the end of the year. Loads of milestones and happy times.



  1. What a lovely way to celebrate. Happy Anniversary! Corey and I saw Black Swan on Saturday it was super trippy.

  2. Happy anniversary guys! Happy daze.

  3. OOH!

    Keep eating and drinking in those fabulous bars, and forget the heat. it's bloody hot all over..

  4. Happy, happy anniversary! I just love long celebrations! They are the best. Mr. Friday and I are up for 7 years of wedded bliss this February. :)

  5. Happy Anniversary!! Sounds like a fantastic extended celebration!

  6. Happy Anniversary to you and Husbie, Veronica!

  7. Happy Anniversary sweet Veronica D + Husbie!

  8. Happy anniversary! Your dinner looks nom and you look gorge! xxx


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