Sunday, 23 January 2011

Mini Break

Last weekend, Husbie and I went on a mini break down the coast, caught up with friends in different beachside abodes and it was almost like a proper long holiday, even though we were only away two nights.

It was a well worth it mini break, and 'cause our friends love dogs, Doggie Darling got to come too! We really mush remember to take time out every once and a while and get away from the city and our home sometimes. It's so fun to take our pup down the beach!

Especially to darling little towns in the country. These photos are from a very random model train exhibition (that all the Husbies were keen to visit!) that was held in Cowes, on Phillip Island. It was a total small town affair, and I just loved who all these creators spent all their spare time building these mini worlds!

Always the conversationalist, I talked to a man who had built his 5th model train world, and has heaps of spare rooms (and his shed) in his house devoted to the hobby. Hardcore!

I love all the little stories that you could create from these mini worlds! From the US of A, to the English countryside!

And to a perhaps sci fi world:

Totally hilarious!

Hope you're having a great weekend this weekend! I've been sewing heaps, so I'll have heaps to show you this week! I'm going crazy with 'fit' as well, making sure things fit me properly and measuring and remeasuring to make sure!

Talk soonxoxo


  1. I miss the beach! must go on a holiday soooon too! Sounds like so much fun, and your photos are awesome, and hilarious! Love all those little scenes. Hope you're having fun. xo K

  2. The break sounds like it was wonderful! I love these photos--minatures are always so fun!

  3. Sounds like an awesome little break! Cool photos, Cowboy with cactus would be my fav.

  4. That mini dude with the cactus - what a dreamboat!x


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