Wednesday, 5 January 2011

More sewing room gush!

Well it's totally clean, so I have to show off just a little right? I'm actually amazed at how good looking it looks! Here's to tidy sewing rooms across the world this week... let's hope after the weekend it'll be the same.

There's my fave sections of fabric, above! I love the reds so much! Especially that red/green floral shizz; it's kinda soft flannel cotton stuff (totally winter) so we'll see if I finally get that to a dress this year during the Sew Weekly Challenge! I also love the yellows and oranges, and a few of the pinks there. The pink with the aqua lettering is totally going to be a tshirt soon, I'm just trying to get the right pattern. Me? In a tshirt? Yep, the lettering spells out SPORT and I'm so going to do more sport this year! Just you wait til I make this tshirt!

Here's a close up of those naughty blues. ICK what are you doing there! Notice how my purples are dwindling too. I adore purple at the moment! Wish that was as large as the blue pile!

Here's a close up of my cheap as chips Sewing Dresser! Buttons in bottles, books and patterns galore (you know those A4 1980s ones? I've got heaps of these weird knit ones!) and then my current crochet project (while I watch Season 6 of Sopranos, I'm making Husbie and I a massive bed spread! Should be ACE and warm!) with real life store bought wool from Morris and Sons in the city. I stocked up because there was a sale on. THRIFTY! Also, please note those are hand weights down the bottom right corner. See, SPORTY!

I noticed some of you liked my 'trunks'! I love you Northern Hemisphere peeps! These are collected suitcases from over the years, the top two are my childhood ones, the top one being a Holly Hobbie one. The red one is filled with figurines from Buffy The Vampire Slayer (a gift from my adorably funny friend) and the brown one has all my wool in it, and the bottom two big ones have heaps more patterns. *eep*

And there's old Joanie from 1960s! She's a little outta shape, but I'm going to restore her soon.

Here's all the things you need ASAP, so hence them being very close to my sewing desk!

And now, I wonder, what to make first...?



  1. the best predicament ever to have in a gorgeous clean sewing room.

    i'm listening to ruggy yell about an (american college) football game. i. DESPERATELY. need a bed spread project.

    you are cracking me up about those blues!!!

  2. It looks great!! What about a blue-themed quilt? Or make some clothes for friends who might like blue? Or sell em in your etsy store? Or give em away? You'll get rid of them!!

  3. I like Rachel's idea of a blue themed quilt. You could make some baby boy quilts or something. Or since most of your fabric is vintage you could try selling it on etsy.

  4. Oh my goodness another picture of your fabric - please stop doing this to me! It all looks gorgeous and I am itching to have a rummage through your patterns too haha! Lovely. Just found your blog recently via So Zoe and will be reading regularly from now on! x

  5. I don't sew, but your red dress is beautiful and you look fabulous in it.

  6. Is that a little peek of Florence Broadbent's fountains in Paris (black and white cotton jersey) is see from the corner of your picture.

  7. I would love to rummage through your sewing room, it sets my heart alight just from the pictures.

    You should soooo be making yourself something blue, it would suit your platinum hair. Neow (Japanese for "it suits you").

  8. I love your volumptuous sewing room. Makes me feel happier with mine which I share with the various sizes esky (ice box for non Aussies), fans and heaters in their off season and luggage which is not attractive vintage.

    But most of all I adore your pink and black dresser. Those colours go so well together and feel very parisian to me.

  9. oh my gosh so clean, so organised and so pretty! I too have cleaned my room up, but now I don't want to mess up the neatly folded piles of fabric by pulling something out to sew.... so I'm in the virtual planning stage instead!

  10. i love the photos of your fabric collection! everything looks so pretty and organized.


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