Tuesday, 11 January 2011

My first Sew Weekly Theme!

Yay! Remember how I am a new contributor to the Sew Weekly? The first weekly theme has been announced on the blog, and it's a fashion icon (or so I have found out!): Coco Chanel. One of the things that attracted me to the Sew Weekly blog in the first place is the idea that I need to extend my sewing skills, and whilst I can put in a zipper easy peasy these days, I actually don't know much about fashion or design or how a lot of our modern clothing came about.

So yay for themes and ideas, I wouldn't have thought of myself... it really makes you think outside of your comfort zone. Cliched, but so true!

So, I was thrilled about the first theme, as I'd heard of Chanel (dur!) but didn't really know anything about the woman, or the clothes she designed! And what a first theme to extend my sewing skills but swotting up on google images and reading about the style she created.

So, not only did the Little Black Dress idea stem from Chanel, a lot of black and white horizontal stripes (that I'm SURE some of you will see as a hipster/scenster staple) is her signature as well, AND the tailored women's suit is part of her design too. So kinda modern women's clothing has a lot to do with Coco! One day I'll get around to see the film with Audrey Tautou in it, but I feel like I've had a little history lesson this week!

Can you see where I'm going with my garment already?

I had so many initial ideas, but browsing through heaps of google images, I began to sense the ordinary Chanel silhouette wasn't really going to suit a fully curvy figure. There was a lot of high necklines (not good for bosoms like mine) and drapey loose bows around the neck and chest. Also not good for the bosoms. So I've started something that will hopefully be a bit me, and a bit Chanel!

Also, Mena's Chanel creation has been blogged too... she looks cute to boot!

Talk soon!

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  1. I am so with you on the learning aspect of this challenge - it's really fun to be part of a group, challenged with themes and basically being inspired to push past our sewing comfort zones.

    I can't wait to see what you've made!


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