Thursday, 27 January 2011

The odds and ends of Blue Floral

Happy Holiday yesterday for you fun Australians, and happy midweek to you other cool peeps!

My pattern for the Floral & Blue Dress this week is an old Simplicity Miss Petites pattern, and had one of those 'Bonus Charts' included. I've used this same one (probably a few years back when I first tried the pattern) before and did find the dress was more suited to my shape, so this time I read it again for a refresher.

It's good to make up clothes really quickly and give no thought to the fit, but if you're like me (and probably 99 % of you are) and are a unique shape (compared to the pattern!) then looking at a chart like this (or googling one similar) will help those 'unique' shapes be more suited when you make the garment up. It'll be different for all of us, but see those horizontal darts on that white dress? They were the ones I had to shave more off, but at the same time be careful I didn't shave off at the bust area just the waist area. It's tricky, and trying the garment on inside out (or on your dress form girl) helps you isolate those areas and you can pin them closer to you. LOLZ I'm trying to talk like a professional seamstress - 'isolate' LOLZIE!

All professional seamstresses have pincushions RIGHT!?

I've got a few funny 'ring pull' zippers, and thought I'd have to use them for a front jacket thing, but I thought 'fuck that' and have made a feature of the back zipper but sticking it there. I'm pretty sure these ones came from good old Marrickville (It's the major Salvos on Marrickville Road Sydney-siders, always heaps of zippers and threads there) and I cannot believe I can remember where I bought a zipper and not the freaking material!

Next post I'll show you how I lay out the pattern pieces to incorporate the right parts of the fabric patterns. I said 'incorporate' LOLZ AGAIN for trying professional talk!


  1. I love that zipper! Very cool and different. Hope you had a fantastic Australia Day.

  2. Fecking fantastic-you are inspiring me a lot right now.Good to see a humble tablecloth gracing the streets!


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