Wednesday, 19 January 2011

An old fashioned outing!

My darling bestie got some birthday tickets and asked me to be her date, on the condition we dress up! It was to see the musical Mary Poppins!

Close up of my darling friend!

Now my close up! Oh it's my purple dress finally! I'll have to go find you the pattern, because it's from Amanda's Vintage Pattern stash, so this is another completed dress from her collection! It's taken me ages to be wearing it when I had my camera!

There's Amy, she's actually really tall, for some reason I've given her a different angle! Did I stand on tippy toes? I can't remember!

And here's my long shot! We are both wearing Amy's vintage hats and I've even got 'jewellery' (it's costume, and hella $2 shop type cheap) but how darling are my Melissa shoes? They seriously go with everything!

Here's the pattern from Amanda's Stash:

I really like it, but I'd like to make it again, doing the facing proper, cause I tried bias binding and because of the scoopy gathered/pleated neckline, it just didn't sit flat for ages. I had to iron and then use fusible interfacing, you know that double sided sticky cobweb stuff? You have to iron it in.

At least the dress turned out lovely for the theatre! How posh!


  1. You both look utterly gorgeous!

  2. God its sad that people don't dress for the theatre any more. I even saw a girl in shorts last Saturday night! You girls will set a trend I hope.

  3. You guys look gorgeous; I do hope you start a trend.

    Hurrah for birthday theatre tickets!


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