Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Sew Weekly: Floral & Blue

Hey guys! My Sew Weekly Dress is up already! I forgot that I got it ready early this week, so planned on showing you the work in progress photos today, but instead I'll just go "VOILA":

The Theme is 'Something Floral, Something Blue' and this is a huge ISSUE with me because I don't like blue (you've heard this before, I know I'm a rerun of a dag) yet I seem to have huge stupid piles of blue floral fabric in my stash.

This blue floral stuff is a linen tablecloth, that I've probably had forever since can't remember buying it. I really like the flowers, as they kinda look handdrawn and wonky here and there. I'll tell you a little more in the coming days about the pattern I used.

Nevertheless, I've loved doing the theme this week with the Sew Weekly, cause as much as I THOUGHT I'd use this fabric, by having a challenge and a 'joining in' theme, I have actually USED the fabric. And maybe I don't look too bad in blue.

MAYBE it's my new colour? I have no idea what colour shoes it goes with though. That's why I had to choose my Melissa Troupes! HOW GOOD IS MY NEW HANDBAG TOO? It's a makeup case of some sort, and will probably only last a few wears, but it was $4 from one of the Sydney Road, Brunswick, op shops. I think it's Don Bosco (I always call it Donnie Brasco). They are still incredibly cheap for an inner city op shop. Go there now!

 So there's my Sew Weekly garment for another week! If you have a blue floral in your stash, make something this week and go to Mena's blog to find out how you can post your contribution, as there's a community page now! I'm just sussing that part out now, cause we all know I like online communities and social media!

I'll post a few WIP photos tomorrow, since I wanted to show you a few techniques I employed during the making of this dress. And I will even try to explain myself properly this time. Maybe not 100 per cent well, but I will try.

*** And don't forget darling! Tomorrow is Australia Day, which means it's triple j's Hottest 100 Countdown! It's my first day NOT working in a few years, so even though I worked really late tonight, I will have tomorrow off and listen to my friends on the radio instead! If you are so inclined, I might be looking at you Kat, you may be able to hear my 'LIVE across the country, triple j's Hottest 100' voice overs through the day.

If you're not Australian, triple j hosts the Hottest 100 countdown, the best songs of the year as voted by you, each Australia Day... and it's grown so much... internationally in some music circles, it's considered the most democratic music list in the world. I voted for Mark Ronson, The Drums, Yeasayer, Best Coast and a few others that I've forgotten now... hope they get in there! You can also stream it internationally, if you like music of course!!


  1. I love this and blue looks stunning with your colouring!!!

  2. I think you look very cute in blue, but somewhat different. I can't figure out what the difference is though. Nice dress!

  3. i have the same issue with blue... but those orange centers would've snagged me too! looks lovely as always, sassy & sexy :)

  4. You look fabulous in that dress! The fabric is crazy good, it reminds me of Marimekko designs. I think black shoes are the best to wear with, I love the ones in the pictures actually :)

  5. I love this dress, the shade of blue is gorgeous and looks wonderful on you!

  6. THIS is so super adorable. And you are such a cutie!!!!!! A tablecloth!

  7. The fabric is really cool!
    And...I have a Blog Award for you, if you want it ;-)


  8. I think you look great in blue - it is a very cute dress - and the shoes were a good choice!

  9. That looks gorgeous! I love that not all the flowers are coloured in. It looks great on you. Blue should be your new colour. You could wear it with little orange or yellow flats to bring out the orange in the dress.

  10. You look so cute in blue, you should feel confident this is very much your colour. I just love this dress. The fabric is lovely and you did a fab job of lining up the pieces to get that print fading out at the hem. Just gorgeous!!

  11. You look really lovely in this dress, blue really suits your blond hair. I love how you are making this Sew Weekly challenge more personal and fitting with your own aims xxx

  12. I LOVE that fabric. I love blue and I love tablecloths! The pattern you used looks like a good one too.
    And I recognised your voice all through the countdown!
    It was awesome that so many Australian bands were in the top 100 (and the #1)

  13. Love the blue floral fabric! It's super cute and the bag sounds like such a deal!


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