Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Sew Weekly Theme: Unrequited Love WIP

So it's another WIP moment at my house, with Theme #2 of The Sew Weekly challenge, where I'm making alongside four other darling peeps a garment a week and if you have a look at Mena's website you'll find that you can too!

This week's theme is Unrequited Love in Films, and since I'm not a huge lovey dovey fan, but I love films, I looked quickly through some films that have that as a theme and simply chose one based on the look and style of the film. It's set in the 1970s, but was released in 1999...

Any ideas? It's kinda obscure, so I may have to reveal tomorrow! Here's my 'drawings' and I'm undecided how I'll use the pattern pieces. I want to try the more modern McCalls, because I've made the other one a few times now, and it's kinda annoying to do all those pleatings. I do want to have puffy or half cap sleeves to give it a 1970s flouncey look... but I don't know.

The fabric is thrifted, has a synthetic feel that's almost but not quite flannel... it's really soft, but the right side is slightly bubbled... Again, apols about my explanation, I'm not so good with terminology and I certainly don't know my fabric. It's not cotton, that's for sure. It's an op shop purchase, I think it's quite cheap and here's a rather expensive zipper from the op shop too! I love old zippers still in the packaging (I also save it for something 'useful' later on, but still don't know what!) but longer ones often pop out with hard to iron out creases from being wrapped up for 40 years!

What's happening with your week? I keep feeling it's Thursday because I've got a lot of planning ahead at work, and it's making me mixed up! At this stage it's our biggest and funnest work day of the year on Wednesday, so we're all thinking about that!



  1. Can't wait to see what you make! Love the drawing!!

  2. Now I'm curious about that movie. I am sure the dress will be fabulour. Cute fabric! About the little bubbles, is it seersucker maybe?

  3. I'm a pretty new visitor here - but I was going to guess 'The last days of disco' but then I looked it up so I now know I'm wrong haha.

  4. Argh..... Almost Famous or Virgin Suicide? Curious and curiouser.

  5. it looks like a crepe that was made in the 70s... my mum made lots of dresses for herself and us out of it (it must have been affordable)... it doesn't breathe at all and is synthetic (if it's what i'm thinking of)... is it a little bit itchy as well? needs lining?

  6. it may actually be crape (not crepe :)


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