Friday, 21 January 2011

Sew Weekly: Unrequited Love

Hooray, I finished another dress for the Sew Weekly, and this week I'd given you a bit of a clue about the film I was chose, shot in 1999 but set in the 1970s, Khriste Be of Stitch It Up Stella got it right!

It's was the Virgin Suicides, a Sophia Coppolla film based on this book by Jeffrey Eugenides:

I just read his more recent book 'Middlesex' which was amazing. This cover of The Virgin Suicides also helped my styling (note my fave OK OK knee high socks!) but I mostly chose this film for the theme because it's such a great looking film and very mysterious. I love mystery: I wrote my thesis on David Lynch, the filmmaker, and it was ALL about mystery... what's NOT shown in the film is sometimes as great as the film itself. Anyways, my dress is very simple, but highly comfortable as our temperatures in Melbourne go up and down! Be warned, there are a lot of photographs today!

I give the garment a bit of an explanation on my Sew Weekly post , but it's a very quick and easy dress to make, and the material is op shopped and I've lost track when I got it. It is from the stash however, as I'm trying to use all second hand materials for the Sew Weekly (it'll be up to 50 dresses this year, and I don't have that kind of disposable income!).

It's a synthetic fabric, and we (thanks for your discussion too!) think it could be crape or crepe. I have no idea, and wish I could send you all a swab so you can feel it, as it's really soft! 

I wore it to work and didn't find it hot or itchy like some synthetics, so oh well! Now, for the photos: Husbie and I went to the local river with Doggie Darling, we often go for 'power walks' with her down there, but this time I dolled up and trotted down in my darling Melissa shoes at 7am instead of sneakers!

I'm still not super cool at having my photo taken like this and I move around a lot and feel a little awkward that I'm not really being natural. I think over the past year, I've become a little more confident but it's still kinda funny! The photos have come out looking really natural, so I'm really surprised!

Anyways, there's another theme for next week, and I'm determined to use Amanda's vintage patterns so I can finish up that challenge at the same time as the Sew Weekly challenge, so expect a little more vintage! FYI this is the McCalls pattern I used for this one:

It's a bit different maybe because of the light flowy fabric I used, but it was seriously a really quick dress to make, probably just under 2 hours to finish? So next week, I'll get out of the 1990s and find some nice 1960s or 1950s for you. This year, and hopefully through the Sew Weekly, I'll extend myself in the sewing room, and tackle some patterns I've put aside because they look too tricky.

Happy Friday to you! I better rush off cause this post is way too long now!


  1. It's lovely Veronica, very cute. And those knee socks with it, adorable! Nice job.

  2. oooo, It totally encompasses the essence of the movie. Very romantic and girly. I love the movie and may have to read the book. Love.

  3. I love this dress, and the knee socks. Your photos look great.

  4. Very cute - especially love it with the knee socks!

  5. The photos are AMAZING! I love the sun peeking through the trees! Hasn't it been fun to take different types of photos? I always feel a bit awkward too...hehehehe...come next December we are going to be pros (or have lots of similar pictures)..hehehe >'.'<

  6. Lovely frock,lovely pix,great inspiration!

  7. A totally adorable dress, and you look gorgeous! Pretty fabric and a pretty perfect pattern too! I love the pictures.


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