Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Some handstitching - Oh joy of joys*

* some sarcasm there.

While I do some handstitching on my Sew Weekly Coco Chanel dress, I am reflecting on the stories I've heard on the radio over the past week, and how there are so many amazing people in the state of Queensland, Australia who are in extreme weather conditions this week.

In times like these, I discover I am not a visual person at all with breaking bad news. In that I listen by the radio, I hear stories and occasionally I read them in the newspaper. John Birmingham's piece today was particularly good, but that and other stories there in The Age made me gulp tears back and it wasn't even 9am.

I can't watch the telly. I can't when there are homes and buildings under waters all over the place, and people on top of cars one minute and the next they're gone.

Last week I donated money the day this Queensland Government website was printed in the paper, and now the situation is worse, I might have to donate more this week.

For those of you not in Australia, ABC News 24 has been broadcasting online without it's 'geo block' so you can check it out, if you know friends and family in Queensland or need to look at the footage. Unfortunately it's too much for me.

My Aunty and Uncle are cool, but blocked in with water, and my Mother in Law and Sister in Law are together and safe. I hope your friends and peeps are safe too.



  1. Glad to hear your family is safe :) I donated last night and linked it on FB. Spent a couple months in early 2008 traveling up the coast from Sydney and am sad to hear about the disaster :(

  2. Brisbane is my home town and I lived through the 74 floods. I'm Sydney based now, but I have family in Brisbane and Toowoomba. They are all safe, but my chronically ill mother can't get to the hospital as the road has been cut.


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