Thursday, 6 January 2011

Something for the 'Gift Box'

Do you have a little corner where you put gifts and presents for people? So when their birthday or other spesh occasions come around you can go to your 'Gift Box' and grab out something for them? I am not usually very good at being so organised, but after my clean up over the past week, I've discovered HEAPS of things I've made and never got around to giving people.

Like crochet scarfs. And loads of baby things. And quirky things I've bought on a whim at the shops. I'm not good at shopping appropriately.

Because it's summertime here, I can't really give someone a scarf now, but I've put it into my 'Gift Box' (I wish I had a better name for it... it's only new, I bet a funny name will evolve eventually) and as it gets colder through the year, maybe someone will need it. I made this crochet scarf (from secondhand wool) by making a long chain, and then going around and around with 2 double/treble crochets in any spaces I could find... around the end (above) I scooped it a little bit, adding a few extra stitches to make it curved. I am determined to show you how I learned crochet, but am REALLY bad at explaining it. For example, I just had to think what 'stitches' were called, because in my head I call them 'friends' or 'guys', "I've got 2 little guys together, then I do one, and then make two more little guys in the next space"....  Not good with crochet lingo.

We might be waiting a while for me to get a tutorial together... so that you and I can understand it!

My first week back at work has been eventful: lunches, phones calls, catch ups, and employing people. YAY. But tonight I've been invited out to the THEATRE by my darling friend Amy and we're going to see Mary Poppins The Musical! ARGH! So excited! Actually, I'm wearing a purple dress (made late last year) that I haven't photographed yet to show you, so I'll make sure I get a few happy snaps at the theatre!



  1. Yes love the present box! Learning to crochet is on my to-do list this year. Then I too shall make a super-sweet scarf.

  2. "Little guys"... That's totally what I'm going to call them now too... so cool!

  3. I have a present box too. At the moment it is a little empty but I am in the middle of a sewing room clean out and have found lots of half finished things that I can add to it when they are done!!

  4. Yay, I'm just teaching myself to crochet, and I have my first knitting lesson tomorrow, exciting!


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