Monday, 24 January 2011

Little Update

We have a fun week ahead because it's a public holiday on Wednesday for Australia! I say fun because it'll feel like two mini weeks in one, and I love when you feel all out of whacked for what day it is and how it's kinda a holiday feeling around the office.

At home, I'm feeling really happy as my sewing room is still really clean (Clean as you go! ie. drop things on the floor you don't need, pack away the stuff you do, then sweep later) and our house is so gorgeous in the summertime!

I also got another update at my favourite Hair Salon in Melbourne: Corrin's Hair Lounge! Corrin also gave me a 'set' with massive rollers and I sat under the hot thing for ages while the wind blew! Everything is going so lovely at the moment!

And this week's Sew Weekly theme is 'Something Floral, Something Blue' so you'll see my WIP on that one as well. I have SO much blue floral material in my stash, WHY!? (Sometimes I can't even believe I've turned into someone who HAS a stash. I HAVE a *sewing room* for fuck's sake! I'm so a professional these days! FYI when I started this blog, Husbie and I were in a 1 bedroom flat, and I only had 1 metre squared of carpeted floor space to layout and cut my patterns. I CUT ON CARPET! How I've grown!)



  1. This last paragraph made me giggle out loud! Mainly because I'm a newbie and live in a 1 bed apartment with the husband and definitely have the same space issues surrounding a 'stash'. Fortunately, we have a fairly large dining table I use for cutting but I long for the days when I have my own sewing room!!
    Hope you have a lovely bank holiday.

  2. Glad to hear you are having such a lovely week! I love your comment about cutting on the carpet. I have a sewing room and still cut on the carpet. My desk is way too small to cut on and I prefer to cut out while watching tv so I use the lounge room floor. I really need a nice large desk from ikea to cut out on. Maybe when we move into a bigger house.


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