Saturday, 19 February 2011

All a blur

Happy Weekend guys! Today Husbie and I are taking photos at a wedding, it's my first time being an assistant. I'm very good at 'acting' the role of things, so I bet I'll be super great at this. I just hope that I'm super great at taking photos as well.

Thank you so much for all your AWESOME feedback on the red dress and bolero! Like Camelia mentioned in the comments, I'm totally thinking of making dresses in solid colours now, to match the florals in the bolero! Black, green, even yellow? Maybe yellow will clash with my hair!?

Oh, I just saw Camelia also has a giveaway/followers post going on! Go leave a comment to win some of her stash!

Today at the wedding, I'm wearing the bolero with a black dress and I just made the funniest little BUM BAG to go with it! I'll try and get a photo today of it for you!

Remember how I said with those night photos this week I had to stay REALLY still (and that's why some of them are a bit stilted), so before we left the Docklands, I did a few spins, and the above photo shows the blur/movement! It's kinda mysterious and romantic in a way!

Talk soon, xoxo


  1. Love this photo! hehehe....have fun at the wedding!

  2. Thanks for mentioning my giveaway.
    Great photo. It looks kind of ghostly. Hope your role as photographer's assistant goes well.

  3. Great picture. I love the movement with all the lovely lights of the city in the background! Have fun at the wedding.


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