Monday, 21 February 2011


So I've fallen in love...

The Bolero is my new fave piece of clothing, and I cannot believe I've gone this far (32 years, 6 months) without wearing one. Oh hang on, I think my Christening Outfit circa 1981 had a bolero. Will have to check those photos for proof!

Thought you'd appreciate these close up shots, but basically it's two front pieces (the seams are at the long top shoulder, and under the arm) and two back pieces, with some small darts in the neckline at the back. The whole shape is pulled together by matching lining pieces and you iron it a LOT after you turn it right side out.

Just so darling! Because I loved it so, I HANDSTITCHED the armholes as the pattern instructions told me to. It said 'slipstitch' and since I'd never really known there were different handstitching techniques (hey, I've never done home eco or sewing classes, how should I know this?!) I googled and found this awesome person showing you how via her video! It's freaking easy, and now my bolero will be perfect forever!

It went down REALLY well at the wedding on Saturday, as it I felt super gorgeous and super comfy all day!


  1. I know how you fell, I also have a major bolero addiction! :) They're so cute and super easy to make. I'm looking for boleros for my little girl to wear this spring because what's better than a cute cropped jacket? A miniature one!

  2. LOL I totally had to hand stitch sleeves last night and they look like a giant mess (on the inside, the outside that the world sees will be beautiful), so I feel your pain ;) I'll have to check out your video - anything other than what I did has to be an improvement.

    The bolero looks goooorgeous! Love the print. So bright and fun.

  3. I suck at hand stitching but I did it on my last dress I made because it was turning out so neat on the inside I wanted to keep it that way. Even though my hand stitching isn't perfect it looks heaps better than it would have if I didn't do it.

  4. You are perhaps too young to remember Young Talent Time, but I have an strong memory of the judge Evie Hayes telling a contestant called Lee how lovely HE looked in his RED BOLEROO (pronounced as in kangaroo). My girlfriend and I were in fits. It left me with a deep suspicion of the bolero!

  5. This is the perfect little cover-up well-suited to your cheerful personality! I love that fabric. Is it part of your "vintage" de-stash?

  6. Oh My God! SUCH a great bolero jacket! I bet it looks fab, too!

  7. OH i LOVE this! Hey you and I are almost the same age! When is your birthday?


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