Thursday, 24 February 2011

First try at French Seams

With this week's 'Chicago' dress, I didn't want to change my overlocker threads (they were reds, and I'm planning on some orange and red creations coming up) so I ho hummed, and then remembered I'd seen some French Seams somewhere on one of your blogs, and thought I'd try that.

The fabric was quite keen to fray, so that's why I did want the overlocker or the 'contained' seams somehow, and I have no patience for the pinking scissors with longer edges of things.

I couldn't remember where I'd seen it, but when I googled just now for you, I found Colette Patterns have done a tutorial that looks easy to follow. I certainly didn't iron all the way through like these instructions tell you to, so I'd probably do that and sew a bit closer to the edges, as my French Seams are a little fat in width.

Also, if you have material (like I had) that looks similar right side and wrong side, perhaps best to remember which is which. I think I stuffed that up... OH WELL. Only I can tell, an ordinary lovely friend is none the wiser!


  1. oh yes,
    French seams make you feel awfully smart.. and yes I had fabric that was the same on both sides,
    and i got mixed up too.

  2. I love french seams - they are very pretty and so professional!

  3. I love French seams, I use them whenever I can as they make the garment more comfortable to wear than overlocked seams. And they are not hard to do.


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