Monday, 28 February 2011

Lining things!

Oh boy, I just looked through all my posts tagged 'Sew Weekly' and almost flipped out! There's so many now and I'm beginning to gush about how many great things I've made. YIKES. I cannot believe I have made so many lovely things for TWO months now!

I was hunting for this blue number, because I wanted to show you the insides... as I'm rather proud of my work. I like it when you're rather proud of your sewing and show it on your blog, so here's my lining!

I *had* thought it was the first time lining a full dress, but then I remembered I'd done it here too. Oops! But I did try really hard to make it neater this time.

The thing I've learnt since I put this lining in, is that handstitching technique: slip stitching... it's totally helped my linings stay in. There's been times I've just lined the bodice bit in dresses, and I've leaned down to pick something up or stretched in a different way and I've heard the breaking of my stitches (usually those bits around the zipper), but since I've learnt handstiching the slipstitch way, I haven't had any burst stitches.

WOO, thank goodness it's just the lining! Have you ever had that though, when you're wearing a handmade number and you've had it fall apart? It hasn't happened to me yet, but it's my NIGHTMARE when it comes with sewing... you're walking along and someone's just gushed about your dress and then it falls apart on you!




  1. i adbsolutely adore the dress!! I would die if that hapened. one of my main fears of wearing clothes i make!

  2. The lining looks amazing!! I haven't learnt how to do it yet - I have a dress I'm in the process of trying to make (pattern sizing issues)which needs to be lined and am a bit apprehensive.. hopefully I can figure it out!

  3. Wow! The fabric you have used for your lining here is heaps superior to the stuff I usually use. I would have saved that for a dress! Perhaps I need to step up my game?

  4. The fabric lining is just thrifted stuff, one op shop lady made me buy a whole bunch of the stuff (of different remnants) because she wanted to get rid of it, plus she reckoned it would come in handy for me... and she was right!


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