Monday, 7 February 2011

Loving the Laneway

GUSH POST ALERT! I went to the St Jerome's Laneway Festival, and it was superb! I don't oft gush about music (ok maybe sometimes) or non crafty stuffs, but this festival WAS the best ever!


I'm using the Insta.gram application on my phone a lot more these days than the Hipstermatic one, because you can take the photo normally and then edit it up with different filters and styles later.

Hope your week has started out ok! It's a beautiful looking day, but quite cold for us!


  1. You do take really cool pictures, I love the effects you get! Do you have a special function to get those antique-y looks?
    Perth is nice and not too warm but experiencing insane gale-force winds... Aren't you getting lots of rain?
    Have a great day!

  2. Hi ya gorgeous, I can confirm you were being completely objective in your assessment of the Laneway Festival(s)... because I went to the Sydney one yesterday and it was absolutely and truly the greatest festival EVAH! Ahem.

    Stage after stage of great bands, AND no lines for toilets, AND no lines for beers.

    A very, very good day :)


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