Friday, 25 February 2011

More wedding moments

As you know (if you saw over the weekend) Husbie and I photographed a wedding, and I really had such a great day... being proud of my Husbie and his great photos and then also being proud of my phots.

Here's a couple more 'detail' shots, for you, that are just simple, plain photos really, but I took them thinking of the 'Husbie Angle'. He is occasionally very good at looking at things, then getting down low, or finding a detail that perhaps look uninteresting, but is interesting or turning the lens on a diagonal (instead of using the natural horizon)... see if you can spot what I mean:

That last shot is how I feel right now (AKA celebratory!), as I've had a very successful and busy week in my day job, and have been grinning from ear to ear. I work in public broadcasting so there's different measures of success, but when almost everyone I've ever worked with calls me, emails me and swings by my desk to say "congrats on those figures": Best Day Ever yesterday.

I've 'processed' the above photos in Lightroom, it's a photo person's software program that make things get a 'look' to it. My Husbie is a film colourist as his day job, so I call this 'processing' colour grading the image, but if you don't have Lightroom, or the dosh to get it (it's easier to use than Photoshop in my opinion. I don't even have PS on my computer, waste of space for me and my interests) you can try free online 'processing' things like Picnik (which I used before I got Lightroom, and use it at work occasionally - but it makes you forever forget how to properly spell Picnic) and for those of you who like my 'rounded' edges... there's a frame section in Picnik that does it for you.

Thank you for all your lovely comments this week! I've started to get annoyed with the blogger way of comments, and how you can't 'reply' back via email as I hardly expect you to 'check' back if you get a reply from me... but I read all of them, and really love seeing your ideas and feedback!

Happy Friday xoxo


  1. I've never tried lightroom but I do like potatoshop so I don't feel the need to change. I'm completely self taught, so i'm probably using it all wrong!

    p.s. LOVE the second photo!

  2. Great photos! And I know what you mean with the blogger comments, it annoys me too.

  3. I love all your photos! They have fabulous colouring, and you're right, the slanty viewpoints are a lot more interesting! You and your husbie both must be real creative...
    Thanks for giving the info on the software you use!
    Actually, I've got to admit I don't like that return comment by email feature. I get enough emails as it is... and I often request that someone don't reply by email. I don't like it how you have to supply your address before you can even make a comment on some blogs, sometimes this puts me off leaving one!

  4. The photos look fantastic - they look like they could have come straight off one of those cute vintage style wedding blogs/sites. I love these kind of detail shots - I think they really help capture the mood or style of an event. How exciting that your work is now part of one couple's wedding memories!

  5. Wow - these are lovely! Very talented couple!

  6. oh those radio ratings seem so important when you're caught up in the bubble... sadly they can go down as fast as they go up and it doesn't necessarily reflect if you are doing a good job or not... and once you have children it all seems like such a crock- you can't believe your life revolved around something so incredibly un-important... (just my own little life reflections- not meant to insult or upset you in any way :)

  7. Thank you so much for your comments! Look at me, trying to comment back in the comments, but not sure if you'll ever check back to see that I said thanks! LOLZ

    @Franca - I told me Husbie you called it Potatoshop and now he calls it that! He loves it!

    @Anonymous - I rate my work successes on what I can hear on the radio more than the ratings, so some good figures mean a lot for the bosses but the biggest compliment I had was that I can be heard all across the radio, without actually being *on* the radio... a very good measure of a fantastic producer. LOVE RADIO STUFF, please visit again! xoxo

  8. i'm so glad i didn't upset you with that comment... and i didn't want to suggest that you hadn't done a good job or deserved praise! just reading your words took me back a few years :) i was in the commercial radio world, which is far worse than where you are for obsession with ratings... i saw people lose it because ratings would go up or down, and it really didn't reflect what they were (or i was) doing... some of my happiest and best work was done for the lowest rating station i worked for and the most unhappy and wasteful work done at the highest rating... go figure...

    but i so enjoy reading your blog because we are such a similar age and have so much in common ;) although my life has changed a lot in the past couple of years! ratings no longer play any role in my life...


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