Tuesday, 15 February 2011

My Dad: DIY Extraordinaire

My Dad makes a LOT of stuff, currently he's building a plane (!) but he'd also just made my Mum a studio table for her artwork! Last week the box I'd been using as a footstool at work gave up the ghost, and I thought instead of requesting a new plastic one from workie, perhaps I could find some recycled stuffs! AND, voila! Dad to the rescue!

His friend helped him with the little 'keyhole' and it's made of leftover wood from my Mum's studio, and is probably as sturdy as a chopping block in the kitchen!

How gorgeous! All ready for me to rest my toots at work!


  1. Your Dad is clever! Reminds me of my dad, he is always making stuff too...often from stuff he's found at the tip! must be that can-do Aussie attitude!


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