Thursday, 3 February 2011

Off the sewing table

This week, when I'm not fiddling with pattern pieces to try and get the most out of remnants of vintage fabric, I've been creating in a different sense!

I tried a Nigella Lawson chocolate cake (I found it on the internet somewhere, but can't find the link now!):

Even with icing on top! I'm amazed I had the patience!

And my pile of crochet squares is growing!

For the blankie to cover our entire bed, I'll need 90 squares, and I've made over 30 now! The wool is Morris and Sons homebrand (from that shop in the Dymocks on Collins Shopping Arcade in the city, Melbournites) and it's really nice. I didn't want to use any synthetics or unnatural stuffs on our bed, so this will wash up and keep much longer (according to the shopkeepers of Morris & Sons!).

I just read through my blogroll, and see that Christine from 'What's Up Cupcake?' has published her Q&A that I wrote up last week! How sweet!


  1. That cake looks... so... good! I'm drooling a little right now. And that's an impressive pile of crochet squares. Can't wait to see the final blanket!

  2. Ooh, nummy, nummy! That cake looks delish! I really like Nigella's recipes - they always turn out so well. :)

    I'm really looking forward to seeing your weekly creation. That fabric is lovely!

  3. Oh! I want some of that cake! Pretty please!

  4. Oh god. When you said chocolate cake and then Nigella Lawson, you just about won me over. Love your bloggie! So many creative things going on here.


  5. Argh, for some crazy reason, I'm not eating grains for a while, but that cake is making me want to.

  6. Gorgeous pile of crochet squares! Your bedcover will be divine!
    Hehe, I bought a whole ton of their own brand of sock wool from that very same shop, and am slowly working through.... the colours are just yummy!

  7. mmm cake.... wow that's alot of squares... can't wait to see it pieced together for a blanket =D

  8. oh nos... if you want the best and absolute best value wool go to
    (for the machine washable stuff) they have heaps of other nice stuff as well- just flick through the site... their balls are FOUR times the size of normal size balls! the quality is fantastic (and it's all Australian-can't do better than that!!)... they have great customer service too!! i have bought from them so many times!

  9. Nigella is a bit like food porn, isn't she? Your pics are gorgeous, thanks for sharing!


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