Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The old Razzle Dazzle!

Hi darlings! This week's theme for the Sew Weekly Challenge is 'And the Winner is: OSCAR COSTUMES', so of course there was an abundance of choice... for best costume nominations and winners are vast! AND all very historical!

What do you think I pulled out here?

YES, it's 1920s (kinda a modern wearable version?) dress!

YES, I am attempting dancing via photographs. Doggie Darling just doesn't know what's happening!

YES, it's Chicago! The Musical! I first saw the film at the drive in (!) with my besties in my old hatchback (awesome for lying back in!) and I didn't really know anything about it. Of course I got a bit gushy over it as everything was just so well done! The acting, dancing, performances and casting, but how good was the costumes!?

I posted this today via Mena's Sew Weekly blog, if you'd like more info. But the dress is really quite straightforward, and didn't really take very long. I think I've got to 'step up' a little in these weekly challenges? I'm a little limited because I'm only choosing stash fabric (of course I have to make it harder on myself) and often go for the easier or quicker option pattern wise. Hmmmmm, I'm not too sure, but I want to make some more riskier things this year, and so far things I haven't really stretched out too much.

Are you enjoying the Sew Weekly challenges you see here on my blog? It's certainly meant consistent blogging, hey? Let me know what you do or don't like about my outfits so far, you can be honest! I save all my 'goofier' photos just for you to see here, so we can be honest for sure!

*** My heart goes to you and yours in Christchurch, NZ, so sad. Once again I just can' watch the telly for I flipped on today and just welled up instantly. Thinking of you guys and hope everyone is found ***


  1. I think your dress looks great. Seeing other people's sewing projects is super inspiring.

  2. That dress is sweet, sassy, chic... It's great and super far from looking costumy despite the theme of your challenge this week :)

  3. That is so adorable!! I love that dress (and yes totally wearable), and your photo dancing. you are so cute!!

    I love this sew weekly thing you are doing, what a great idea! XOXO

  4. That dress looks fantastic on you! I have not actually seen Chicago but I do love the costuming from it. I am loving the sew weekly challenges you are posting. It's very inspiring!

  5. Veronica, after your last comment on my blog you are officially my friend for life! You are so sweet!
    I have really like everything you've made so far... This is like the perfect LBD and you'll get a lot of wear out of it. It's adorable!

  6. Your dress is too cute! I love that you've used two 80s-90s patterns to make something 20s reminiscent and totally wearable. Thanks for the photo of doggie darling - I laughed so hard! Her expression is priceless, like she's ecstatically bewildered!


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