Wednesday, 23 February 2011

On the rooftops

Melbourne just keeps woo-ing me each and every day.

My Bestie and I ate a late afternoon cupcake at Madame Brussels today, and she got a call to say she'd been successful at a job interview! YAY. So we finished off with bubbles.

The rooftops of Melbourne just keep getting more and more attractive and I seriously wish my job was to hang out at each and every one. First Melbourne was famous for it's laneway cafe and bar culture, and now the rooftops are stretching above and beyond.



  1. i am IN LOVE with this picture, and all the better imagining bubbles with it.

    furthermore your sew weekly creations are amazing-- do you ever stop to think, "i'm going to have 52 new creations by 2012", and then your head explodes from happiness?

  2. I have thought that and feel totally freaked out! Happy excited and daunted excited!!!!

  3. That looks YUUUUM!
    I adore Melbourne. I wish I could go over and have cupcakes and bubbles too!

  4. I love Melbourne too ... it's a wonderful place to visit (I'd love to live there). It always feels like I'm coming home to an old friend.


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