Friday, 11 February 2011

Sew Weekly: Stash Busting #1

Hi friends! Oh boy, this week's Sew Weekly challenge has been 'fun' and 'interesting'! The theme is 'Stash Busting: A pattern and fabric you've had for a while and not used', and I got a little fixated on the 'how long it's been in my stash' part of this challenge. I've posted a bit of 'frustrated' info during my blog post over at Mena's blog but pretty much it's a fun looking dress, but not a fun practical dress.

FUNNY! It's now the fifth or sixth theme week, so I'm pretty happy I haven't fucked up anything too badly, but it isn't a dress I'd like to put on all the time. I might give it a wash and see if it softens up a bit (it's kinda floaty and electric in the skirt).

It's entirely vintage, the material is from the op shop, the pattern (that you saw earlier in the week) was a second hand one, and even the cutie little buttons are vintage, and from my darling friend's Grandmother's stash. It's so nice to reuse all these things, and it totally inspires me to make this dress work somehow!

OMG what a shapely bot! ANYWAYS, like I said, I got fixated on using the things I've had for the longest time, instead of perhaps pairing things that really work together. There's certainly some things I need to learn about fabric, perhaps there's so Spotlight or Lincraft 'Know Your Fabric' kinda courses?

Best, Veronica xoxo


  1. You could always pop into Tessuti and i could answer any questions you have :)

  2. Your hair looks AMAZING!

    I think this dress looks adorable!

  3. Also meant to say that Thread Den on Brunswick St do classes learning about the different fabrics -- they take you up to The Fabric Shop to go through them all. Think they're about $40?

  4. Well I love it!
    Maybe it just needs a petticoat under to help with the electricity and floatiness?

  5. perfect!!!! i think it looks practical, too, like a wardrobe staple but so much fun.

  6. I agree! The dress and your hair are fantastic. I hope a wash helps. Maybe washing it in wool wash or something would help soften it up a bit, depending on what type of fabric it is? The buttons are a perfect touch. I've been using thrifted craft supplies lately too. It's a great feeling. :)


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