Sunday, 13 February 2011

Time Saving Shortcut

Hey! Remember the other day, the pattern I made had a 'Time Saving Shortcut'? You guys spotted it, so I went through the pattern again... to try and find it!

And if there WAS an extra set of instructions with this shortcut, they were missing from the pattern (thrifted patterns often have missing things), but I did find this 'information' elastic chart:

The casings for this shirt dress were on the back piece (shown in the top photo) and along the shoulder seams, so the elastic pieces were meant to slide in there. So if this was the shortcut, it saved time by explaining how much elastic you need for your size.

I hope you're having a great weekend! My parents were visiting (and we ate and drank way too much - like normal!) and we're now getting the house (and our lives) ready for the week ahead.

I have some exciting news: Husbie has taken photos of several beautiful weddings over the past few years, and is booked in to shoot a wedding this Saturday. Circumstances have played out, and I will be his assistant... and take photos of 'details'! This is a huge deal for me, and of course I'm very excited! This week I'll have to make something practical to wear, that's kinda formal and appropriate. I was thinking I do have a lovely purple dress as back up (that I'll wear with flats) but would really like something with more breathable materials, I might go look through my cotton collection now.

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  1. Congratulations on your new job! I'm sure you'll do a brilliant job - the photos you take for your blog are amazing! In one of those funny coincidences I made a "Quick! Butterick with bonus time saving method" patterns this week and I also couldn't find anywhere what the bonus method was! I scoured all the instructions and if it was there, it sure wasn't labeled! I've just gotten back from a trip into the Barossa Valley visiting wineries - a lovely weekend all round! Good luck with the weddings!


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