Monday, 14 February 2011

Works in Progress

Do you have those feelings in the opshop/charity shop/thrift store where you just GRAB something and you're not sure why but you know you'll need it one day? I am like that a bit like that all the time, and so have to limit my visits, but I grabbed a bagful of shoulder pads one day just like that.

I didn't know any pattern I owned had shoulder pads, and didn't really think I'd ever wear something with shoulder pads, but now I've made 2 things this year with shoulder pads! That's my current project above, based on these gorgeous instructions:

Happy Valentines Day (or two weeks in our household, everything is celebrated in 2 weeks at LEAST, but considering we've had our wedding anniversary AND my parents came to stay and we went on a fancy dinner, I think we're lying low for this next two weeks!) to you!

*** Update! ***

Mena's announced this week theme, which is SEEING RED for Val Day and so the above is a little sneaky peak of what I'm making! You should see Mena's fabulous red floral number right now!


  1. I share this feeling with you, I shudder to walk into a store thinking that I will not control all the wonderful things I could use some day ....
    This project has very good look. I can not wait to see it finished.

  2. The fabric looks so pretty from its wrong side, so I can't wait to see the finished garment. I'm sure you will be adorable, as usual. Good luck with your photography assignment!

  3. I have that exact same pattern and i've always been tempted to try it out. Please post once you're finished!


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