Friday, 18 March 2011

The fastest week in history

There's so much going on at the moment: the world, our town, our lives, online, everything.

I stopped several times today thinking it was Tuesday, or Thursday or even Monday. I'm confused at how fast everything is going!

We were only last Saturday sitting in a field, enjoying shitloads of music and great friends at a music festival, and now a week of busy-ness has passed and I'm taking a break from the sewing machine (just you wait til next week's Sew Weekly theme is out there! Husbie helped me choose the pattern I'm halfway through now!) and thought I'd flick through our festival photos.

I've had such a full week at work, and with life & happenings and I'm so thankful for my Husbie, my dog, my family. I'm so lucky that I have time to sew and take photos and do things like catch up with my bestie for wine & cider at a bar.

We're pretty lucky because we have each other. You know I'm not very cryptic, so you can probably guess I'm talking about our world events. It's totally overwhelming to hear about the school children in Japan who are too young to realise that their parents aren't going to come and pick them up from school. They are still there, with many friends and teachers, but they are still at their school. Waiting. It breaks my heart.

Take care and cuddle your partner or bestie or dog or cat. xoxo


  1. Very well said Veronica.

    I have my bestie and her daughter at my house, home from Japan. I am so glad she has left Japan. Her husband is still there though, which frightens me. And I am really freaking out for the people in Japan that have nothing left but the threat of being exposed to all the radioactivity. My heart is torn.


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