Monday, 7 March 2011

Finding the next challenge

There are so many highs and lows of emotions when sewing your own stuff. I get so excited when it all comes together (like last week) and super happy that my sewing skillz are improving!

Then, it comes time to begin again. And I don't often know where to start. Do you get like this sometimes? Flip flopping, back and forth on ideas and designs and dreaming?

In an effort to stop procrastinating about what pattern goes with what fabric (and other dreaming & scheming sewing room things!), this week I've had a very quick idea about what I want to make. And I will make it.

I've BOUGHT some fabric (I didn't have the right colour in my stash) first and then found a random weird pattern set (it looks like it is part of a collection, with those ring binder holes on the side!) from the stash, all without thinking too much. This 'Sew Stylish' pattern (above) is totally secondhand, but I can't remember if mum gave it to me, or I bought it myself from the op shop, as I do have a few of these. They are A4 in size, and super early 90s weird.

This week's Sew Weekly Theme is Some Local Colour, and I've got a few ideas about where in Melbourne to showcase. But I really am trying to stop thinking about stuff, and just DO IT. One area of Melbourne just makes me laugh, in a good way, and I'm just gonna act quickly and stop umming and ahhing about it.

(as I typed this, I second guessed myself at every other sentence. But I am DETERMINED to just do it, and show you and then talk about it.)



  1. I'd love to make something that showcases Melbourne's lane-way culture which if you live here is so totally expected.

    It's the graffiti that I can't get enough of, though drinking wine in lane-ways with my lunch is fun.

    Other great ideas would be sewing something using Luna Park as an inspiration or St Kilda as a whole.

    Or using The Palace on Bourke street as inspiration (perviously named The Metro) which is where I met my BF almost 7 years ago when we just baby university students. It's also where some scenes of the modern Australian Macbeth was filmed.

    Or something paying homage to Melbourne's great live music venues.

    Lot's of ideas to think about!

  2. @Kate, I love all these ideas. You're gonna freak with this 'funny' place I've chosen. I can't change now though... I don't want any procrastination! I might incorporate some of your ideas (especially the live music venues!) for another challenge!

  3. Oh, I know exactly what you mean! I've struggled to keep up with Sew Weekly as I'm just too indecisive (and I have [as-yet] insurmountable pattern sizing woes). Sometimes I bring bags of fabric and patterns to work to get colleague's opinions on what pattern I should use with what fabric! It was tempting though to make a dress "inspired" by Adelaide's Mall's Balls! Mirrorball dress maybe?!


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