Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Green Planning!

It's a St Patrick's Day theme this week for my Sew Weekly Challenge! If you've just popped by today (hi to you!) and never been here before, I'm a weekly contributor to Mena's blog, The Sew Weekly! We sew a garment a week, and talk about sewing and gush stuff over at the Sewing Circle!

I have the perfect green fabric, only a remnant, for this week's theme! And I thought I could try the above pattern, but alas! There's not enough remnant for the wiggle dress! This is the second pattern I tried to fit onto the fabric, so have decide finally on a third:

So, I'm going to be a bit tricky and make half of the dress outta green fabric, and my Irish eyes are shining (is that a saying?) for Guinness! The black beer!

My post will hopefully be up later today (Melbs time)!


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