Sunday, 27 March 2011

Misadventure in the Sewing Room

Here's a little tale I started to write you, at the START of my sewing day, with photos from my sewing room:

"Yep, it's another sewing adventure for me! I'm sewing with a ribbed knit fabric! Woo!

The last time I used some knit fabric, I chose the wrong type for the pattern, and had to really WIGGLE myself in and out of the dress! LOLZ

This time, I've gone to find some black material for a dress, but all that's kinda suitable in my stash is this ribbed knit material (maybe for a sports tshirt or something) that's in a gigantic tube! Easy for cutting on the fold, I guess! It's from the op shop and I have NO idea where I got it, but it seemed like a good idea to use it. Also, considering I'm trying a pattern that should be for normal cottons, why not be adventurous and try a knit rib.

As I'm quick to use the old google, here's my learning curve (or Sewing Curve, form the photo above!) for today (I've moved the computer into the sewing room, can you tell?):

1. Google up, "sewing darts in knit fabric", find these helpful ladies chatting about zig zag stitch. No overlocker required. Bodice is looking A-OK with darts in front and back, but looks a LITTLE BIG."

And that's it! No step 2, nothing more to add. My *darling* draft of a pattern (top photo) was from a printed off the internet kinda one, and I did notice that it had printed out 1cm too big, so I resized: TWICE. Because of the petite factor I have, I was also using a pattern that was supposed to be a size 31 bust, so I *did* kinda think all the resizing issues were under control.

Nup. I don't even think it was the knit rib's fault! I feel the numbers didn't add up somewhere, and where that was, I'm not sure. Because of the cut, I can't fix the bodice now.

At least I know how to make a dart in knit fabric now!

Oh well, now I'm onto the red wine (in an effort to feel better) and making pasta full on Italian style. Well, I'll try!

Hope you've had a great weekend! xoxo


  1. sorry to hear about the sizing issue..that sucks...I can't wait to discover the perfect sweater dress pattern to make so i don't ever have to think about it too much!enjoy your pasta!


  2. How annoying!!
    I have bought the loop fabric before for doing ribbing on a terrible shirt I made in Year 8 Textiles. As I remember it was super stretchy and kinda limp...I don't envy you trying to sew something cool out of it!


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