Monday, 21 March 2011

Not so pretty for Sew Weekly this week!

This weekend I've been working 'Backyard Blitz' style on my house in the country. We're getting it ready to put it on the market, and you can probably tell, I'm not so good at getting DIY on a house.

Perhaps I need to make some overalls to get in the mood! This week, for the Sew Weekly challenge, we're all finding patterns that aren't so pretty on the covers, and seeing if they can turn into some lovely creations in the sewing room.

I'll have more deets later, but am so busy and sleepy and headachey so talk soon darling! Hope you had a great weekend though!



  1. What a challenge! It reminds me of the Project Runway episode where they had to update outdated trends and make them modern.

  2. I think you'll look really cute in them! Can't wait to see them made up.


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