Saturday, 26 March 2011

Sew Weekly: Cover Concern

Here's my Sew Weekly dress this week, based of course on this little pattern:

The ESP Simplicity era seemed to have a bit of beige going on (apparently! Have a look at my post over at Mena's blog, as there are some really fun comments about the ESP era!) and is a super easy pattern to follow, and a pinafore like this (or Back Wrap Jumper, if you prefer to call it that!) was really straightforward.

It's so great mostly because Husbie chose the pattern, the length, the buttons and the styling for the photo shoot! We went back to the country last weekend, and spent a lot of time fixing up our old house. When I was younger, my first job out of uni was in Gippsland, and that's where I learnt to sew (after being exasperated at the lack of clothes that fitted me available in the country! You only had the choice of Target or Op Shops - my first love of course!) in my spare time. I saved up heaps, bought my first house there, and now we're going to put that house on the market. It's a sweet house, but there's a lot of landscaping and cleaning to do!

These photos are at my parents' house and just as we were ready to take the photos, it started to rain! Oh no!

The pinafore will do excellently for a Melbournian autumn/winter period! My aim over the next few Sew Weekly challenges is to make the garments warmer, or be adaptable to layering. I kinda forgot last year, when moving here, how much layering is needed here in town. The weather is warm, freezing, bitingly windy, brilliantly warm and rainy and ghastly, and as we all know, that's just in one day!

Yesterday I got a little headcold, and couldn't really manage much at work. I slept the afternoon, and feel a bit better this morning, but as I'm going to be a mad comedy goer next week (for the next 2-3 weeks!) I really want to be well and healthy to combat those late nights! I'm going to make soups, eat fruit (just ate a yum plum!) and rest up this weekend to prepare. What are you doing on your weekend?



  1. Super cute. I could so see an applique on the front, 70's style.

  2. I hope you're feeling better soon... no good being sick when you have a comedy festival to look forward to!

  3. I absolutley love it! It shows you can take something that looks a bit dodgy and make it perfect!

  4. The pinafore is lovely but it's the whole outfit (hairdo included) that is ADORABLE! Awww you're a cutie pie :)

  5. Super Cute indeed! Love the colour and the length adjustment loooks perfect on U



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