Thursday, 10 March 2011

Sew Weekly: Getting Angular in Melbourne

WARNING: You will need to put on your LOL-hat, get ready with your rock star clicks, and puff up that hair! This week's theme for the darling Sew Weekly prompted me to go Gaga, get angular like Grace Jones and shimmy those shoulders like Rhianna.

The theme was 'Local Colour' and as I mentioned earlier in the week, I didn't want to procrastinate. I have NO time this week to ponder. So I jumped right in with bad material choices AND pattern choices, but still, the garment is not totally 'chuckaway-able'! It may even get a revamp if I can mend those shoulders n sleeves!

The photo shoot and dress was inspired by Melbourne's angular sculpures on the freeway, called 'Melbourne Gateway'. The large 'chips' or 'french fries' (you may know them if you're a Melbournian or a regular visitor!) are red and yellow and I just wanted to chuck those colours with the cement grey of this weird charcoal/cement cotton spandex.

I am thinking (with the help of magnificent feedback from my post on Mena's blog yesterday) I might ditch the sleeves, and re-sew the shoulder seam, so I don't need to use shoulder pads. And my 'modesty patch' won't be needed anymore:

Ohhh so sad I have to wear a modesty patch (how low is that neckline!), but there's no way I could've walked under the motorways without it! I also need to chuck a zipper in somewhere, as it takes ages to wriggle into. The material does have a stretch, but just not enough for me.

Guess what local Melbournians? I am going to my first ever CAMPING music festival this weekend, yep: Golden Plains. I'm stoked and scared, and have a lot to do before we go on Satdee. So I'm once again having to leave you with these awesome (but questionable) photos and I'll try and check in with you at lunch tomorrow! LOLZ



  1. love love love those sunnies!
    and the dress, well, i like the bottom part of it (top is a bit to glam-ish) and what you've done to the end of the sleeves and skirt. yay for a bit of colour :)

  2. awesome photography - I assume they are taken by your talented husband? Sadly I get better photos from my remote than from my husband, he's that hopeless.....

    Those shoulders certainly are bold! But funnily enough the overall look works, it looks really great on you

  3. please, please, PLEASE do not touch this dress! (except maybe to add a zipper, i totally getz the wriggle factor.)

    when i saw this on sew weekly i was just amazed. again. your sewing, already great, is just going through the ROOF with these challenges. i always devour a picture before reading, and i thought you had planned the yellow panel to incorporate your surroundings. the color palette is perfect-- that trim on the sleeves! this is such an angular piece-- and so texturally interesting with those pleats-- it's darling, and DARING.

    oh please don't touch it!

  4. Come on, your garment is FABULOUS! Do NOT change it, it's perfect with the pads and the modesty patch :)

  5. Go 80's power suit, I totally love it. You are a gifted 'through the eras' kinds gal. Hot Hot Hot. If only you had yellow or red pumps.

  6. Va va voom! Seriously, do you really have to change it? I think it looks amazing just like this! LOVE the sleeves! It's worth wriggling into.
    You look gorgeous!

  7. I never thought that one of my other favorite aspects of the show was theMelbourne hair drool-worthy costumes! Seriously, just wow!

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