Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Sew Weekly: Green for St Patricks Day!

Hey guys! Another Sew Weekly Challenge complete for you! You can see more photos over at the Sew Weekly blog but I wanted to show you some fun ones from Husbie's and my visit to the Limerick Arms Hotel in South Melbourne! The theme this week was Going Green for St Patrick's Day!

I ordered only a pot of Guinness, because there's no way I could have eaten my dinner afterwards! They are really filling beers! I used to LOVE them when I was younger (did I call them midnight gold?) and got quite the beer gut from them when I lived in England!

Luckily no beer gut nowadays! The green fabric was a very small remnant that I got at the Fabric Store in Surry Hills in Sydney and the black fabric is some leftover stuff from another dress a few years ago. As the pattern is two sizes too big, I did heaps of calculations about getting it the right fit... for me it's usually the shoulder to bust and the waist are the parts that need more attention in shortening. So I did an overall resize (with grading the shoulder seams and underarms, but also altering it vertically in the middle of the bodices. I forgot about altering it vertically AND horizontally in the waistband, so that area is a little longer now, but not too shabby.

I love how well it goes with my other bolero from the Valentine's Day themed week!

Now, this is a marvellous pattern, because it's from Amanda's Vintage Pattern Collection! A personal challenge I started last year (before I moved to Melbourne, started a new job and started the Sew Weekly year long challenge) and I'm slowly getting around to using the last of Amanda's patterns! She kindly loaned me some gorgeous ones, and I went through the patterns in my size first, but these ones are so cute but all different sizes. So they do need a bit more time!

I forgot that I used to do a summary on each AVPC after I completed it! So, here are my stats!

Fabric: Green Cotton Sateen-like remnant $10 (from Sydney's The Fabric Store) & Black Light Cotton material, also a remnant ~.20c
Pattern: Butterick 7982 (on loan from Amanda in Adelaide)
Year: c. early 1960s
Notions: Vintage Zipper .10c
Time to complete: 3 hours
First worn: to work last week, March 2011
Wear again? Totally! Got heaps of compliments!
Total Cost: ~$10.30

I think my hair looks like Veronica Lake, what do you reckon? I've styled my dress with my Melissa shoes and my own Shamrock shaped fascinator! I saw Mena's tutorial on making a loveheart one, and will post you a 'How To' when I get some time this week! It's REALLY easy!



  1. I've commented on the Sew Weekly blog already but I'll ask something new...
    Are those Melissa's comfy - That style particularly?? My VW mary-janes (in black glitter!) are about to give up the ghost and I need a new black pair of shoes, stat! Chie Mihara's are a bit out of the price range and Harbourmaster said the new VW for Melissa style (with the snake print) don't fit like the others...dilemmas!!!

  2. very sweet!

    as for the "midnight gold"... dad & i used to have a "black & gold", half guinness, half champagne. YUMMY.

  3. How cute, I love this dress! And St Patrick's Day may well be my favourite celebration of the year^^

  4. I love this outfit! I really like the combo of the green and the black! AND it goes fab with your bolero! YAY!

  5. Yay for the bolero making an appearance! I love everything about this outfit :)

  6. I was wondering what fabric you were going to pair that green with when you said you didn't have enough for a whole dress, this is such a fabulous use of remnants! Awesome dress! You are truly the wiggle dress Queen!

  7. gorgeous! the skirt looks fab with the bolero, love the shamrock too. You put us Irish to shame!


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