Friday, 25 March 2011

Sew Weekly: Sneaky Peek of Red!

Happy Friday guys!

I wish my face expression was a little more 'YAY' but I mean 'Yay' on the inside here! In real life, I just sneezed, like, about 12 times really big so I feel a little woozy instead of Yay!

But here's my new fandangled back wrap body jumper tunic thing! Just a sneak peak though, as the post will go up later today on the Sew Weekly! Husbie helped me style the photos (he said WHITE SHIRT WHITE SHIRT!) so they're very cute!

Last night I had a work meeting, and it seems I will be seeing a lot of COMEDY shows again this year, for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Seeing shows for work and all sorts of opinion things, so I'm pretty excited, but also a little 'Uh Oh' because I'm kinda busy right now with work, and seeing 2-3 comedy shows a night can get really really really busy. Send me that Hermione (from Harry Potter) time travel device (where you can be in two places at once) and I'll be fine.

Hope you have a great Friday peeps! xoxo


  1. ooohhh! I'm liking it already! You look lovely!!

  2. I've seen the dress so cute, the photos are beautiful, and you are so inspiring :)!

  3. I'm predicting you are going to look very very cute.... and I love the hairstyle!


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