Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Something good from something bad

The world of sewing patterns is so full, rich and a neverending source of entertainment for me! This week at the Sew Weekly HQ, the theme helps us not judge a pattern by it's cover, and although I'm not a pattern snob, (I love Mena's post about pattern snobbery over on her blog) I don't make a lot of the patterns I have. I make up the pretty ones, not the daggy ones.

So whilst I'm totally open to patterns of all shapes and ugly sizes, I tend to shove them at the back of the 'To Do Drawer' in my pattern collection! But, this year is about risks, and extending my sewing skillz, so I'm really happy that doing the Sew Weekly Challenge is aiding that for me.

Here's the back of that Simplicity 8189 pattern, I posted about on Monday! It's a tunic/overall dress. Because it's made in 1977 though, they call it a Missus Back-Wrap Jumper. No wonder these never became fashion forward, it's such a tricky thing to name and a Back-Wrap Jumper just sounds COMPLETELY daggy. Husbie calls this challenge the 'Dodgy Pattern' challenge, and yes, if you know what he means, this is perhaps quite dodgy to try out!

Anyways, I have developed a new sewing philosophy this week. If a pattern cover shows anything in beige, it will automatically look ten times better in Not Beige. Not Beige! I'm going to make this in red, and I can tell it's a winner already.

If you'd like to see more 'makeover' patterns, here's Sarah's cowboy shirt, looking light and pleasant and not at all 1970s! And Mena's MuuMuu!


  1. I think this could look quite sweet in a light weight denim too..

  2. Makes me wonder how the cute (in our mind) outfits we are wearing now will be judged by our children and grandchildren to be perfectly hideous...!
    I'm looking forward to your modern interpretation of this pattern!

  3. lovely lady, i genuinely think this pattern has SOOOOOO much potential. and i just know that your little red back-wrap jumper is going to be HOT, HOT, HOT!!

  4. haha I like your no beige= not so dodgy pattern philosophy!


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