Saturday, 5 March 2011

Zippedy Doo Darz

Apols for such a boring blog post title, I couldn't think of anything because my brain is all relaxed in WEEKEND mode after a busy week of sewing, work, and crazy loud live music dudes (I had to work a FULL on music festival yesterday). I am overwhelmed and so happy that it's now Saturday. Yay!

I just wanted to show you how darling the Colette Patterns are on the inside, as it all comes within a little book (instead of a massive instruction sheet that you unfold and can never fold up the same way again) and such a great glossary at the back (for sewing rejects like me, now I can finally learn the proper terms! Notches and Clips are DIFFERENT things! And some Notches have two meanings too!) LOLZ.

Since my Colette Pattern (Rooibos) had an invisible zipper, I went through all my thrifted zipper collection and found I actually did have some! I'd never sewn one before, so of course googled like hell last week! And here are some sneaky tutorials I looked at to get that invisible zipper in!

Here's a step by step picture/blog tutorial via a site called 'Clever Nesting' (because we're all clever birds I guess? Not sure if that's my kinda page, but there's heaps of stuff to look at!) and I also looked at this step by step picture blog, that has a TOTAL special invisible zipper foot... not just a normal zipper foot (Did you know there was a difference? I just learnt this!).

AND, if you are becoming a 'clever nester' (LOL) this weekend, I forgot to link to Amy's cushion cover tutorial that I looked at, and LOVED! And next time I'm whipping up some covers, I shall follow!

We're heading to Bendigo tonight for a wedding (yes, I'm going to wear my new dress - with tights as it's kinda cool at night time here now! YUK) and then I've got some sewing plans tomorrow! Have a darling weekend xoxo


  1. Invisible zipper foot? I want one!

  2. That is a great pattern. Will have to try a Collete pattern soon.

  3. That does look like a super well thought out little booklet. A special invisible zipper foot, lol! I don't even have one. I know there is one, but always use just my stock-standard ordinary sewing foot. I think it works better than the regular zipper foot. And I've been doing it this way for about ten years since I discovered invisible zips and my zips are just fine!
    Have fun at the wedding!


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