Friday, 8 April 2011

Sew Weekly: Appreciate the Apron

Hey, what's this blog thing? What's this internetz thing? Everything looks so weird to me... Oh that's right, I've not been logging on to computer land because I've been hanging IRL with comics and LOLing all over the place in Melbourne!

I've been planning all week to send you little youtube clips of who I love at the Melbourne Comedy Fest, but I've actually not sat down at my home computer all week. I've been working, seeing comedy, working, seeing comedy and not blogging, tweeting nor eating it seems!

I plan to have a proper dins tonight, and am now limiting myself to 2 shows a night. Or maybe 3.

But what's this? A snazzy apron!

This week was an apron theme for the Sew Weekly group, and I believe this was a theme suggested by all the peeps at the Sewing Circle... If you are a seamstress, but can't get into the whole 'blog' thing, then I'd suggest having a look... it's kinda like Facebook but for peeps who love seeing... and there's a lot of really lovely people over there, and I've actually spent heaps of time reading the forums if I've been stuck on a hem or a seam problem!

My post details my thoughts on the apron and the making of this Burda dress... it didn't really work out for me because my printer printed the sizing out big, and when I went to resize it I didn't realise it needed seam allowances too, and then the shoulders were just way too big and I was left with a massively low cut dress that could be potentially NSFW.

Notice how Husbie's photos are straight on, and not up above me? There was deadly cleavage in some of those higher up shots!

I gotta fly: seeing UK's New Art Club and Paul Foot tonight!



  1. hey sweetie! I love your adorable apron! I have one like that too (thrifted for £1!) but I've only worn it once!

  2. Your apron is ultra-cute. Love what you've done with the fabric! What are you going to do with the dress, though? Could you add something else to the neckline to make it more wearable? Or maybe cut it down into a skirt? Shame about the resizing!

    Also, don't feel you have to participate, but I think your blog is great so I'm passing the Stylish Blogger Award on to you. :-)

  3. yes all the blokes will be ogling... that is certainly a lot of clevage :)


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