Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Sew Weekly: For the child in us!

Yippee! I can't tell you how happier I am this week with my Sew Weekly creation! My apron was great last week, but that busty bust Burda dress left me a little grumpy and annoyed that my drafting wasn't the best. I think given some more time I can probably revisit it and make it nicer one day. But in the meantime we explored our childhood fashion for this week's theme at the Sew Weekly! And it was so much fun for me!

My brother and I grew up on a Hobby Farm (about 10 acres, but we had cows!) and had heaps of 'good clothes', so I wanted to use this photo above because I had a red tartan remnant that kinda looked the same! After I chose this photo of us, I asked Mum if anything was handmade, as I thought she did knit us heaps of things... and our jumpers (mine a vest!) and our beanies are hand knitted by her! Plus, she refashioned the kilt to fit me from a larger size!


Time for some kidding around!

Husbie and I went to a cityside park for the photos and the sun came out especially (it's since poured with rain and gushed and caused havoc since) so I'm even happier because the photos are great, and my suit is great!

My post over at Sew Weekly has all the details for you sewing fiends, there's a few different photos... but I thought I'd save these kookier ones for you! I lined the vest, see below, and made it reversible, jut in case... but it's a little 'See My Vest, See My Vest' Musical Theatre like... so I'm not too sure when I'll wear it out like that.

BUT, I am wearing it right now, with a black skirt and dotty black tights and I feel rather dapper! I have also never made a short pant suit before, and after how gorgeous this all turned out, I think I'll have to make more for winter!



  1. That is totally adorable! I love the big tartan bow.

  2. This is seriously amazing!! I have always wanted to make myself something like this. I mean EXACTLY like it, down to the loud ass lining ;o)

    Excellent work!

  3. Really cute! And those shorts will be a year round winner! :)

  4. Oh, I also wanted to say how cute is the photo of you and your brother! The little smiles on your faces is making me smile right back!! And yay! for all the handmade stuff by your mother...

  5. Oh you look so adorable! Those shorts look fantastic on you and the vest is great. I have been wanting a vest for a while so may have to add that to my to sew list.

  6. I'm tellin' ya, I LOVE the photos with the statues! This one is the best! I also really adore the plaid side of the vest...and the BOW, the bow...oh, how I love the bow! great job! And you and your brother are so cute!!

  7. What a great outift! It's easy to see the inspiration, but it still works for now. I really like your getting into character as well :)

  8. wow, fab! i hope i'll be as nimble as you one day...

  9. Cute! And that photo is just precious. Love your weekly sewing challenges and it looks like it's been really easy for you!

  10. You look so darn cute in that outfit!!!


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